Double Endorsement: A Hillton & Blossom Private Eye Suspense Novel (Hillton & Blossom Private Eye Suspense Series Book 1)

Boston Private Investigator James Hillton doesn’t carry a gun, just a load of BS in. . . Double Endorsement: A Hillton & Blossom Private Eye Suspense Novel.

Virginia Doyle is convinced her connection to an insurance fraud scheme has led to something she’d never bargained for — murder! Now she wants to come clean and it’s up to swish Boston attorney Madeleine V. LaCroix and her colleague, James P. Hillton, an off-the-cuff Army veteran turned private investigator, to prove Doyle innocent. But, more bloodshed, extortion, unshakable alibis, a groovy professor, a by-the-book insurance investigator, and a religious fanatic all seem to conspire to thwart the investigation. Double Endorsement is an original suspense novel, which #1 New York Times best-seller Robin Moore says, “Grips the reader’s attention from start to finish.”

Combining legal knowledge and splendid wit, Andrew McAleer, who himself served as a criminal defense attorney, prosecutor, and Army Sergeant, spins a genuine tale of mystery and suspense — both in plot and character!

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“In Double Endorsement, Andrew McAleer creates a colorful cast of characters who sally back and forth between comic moments and clue dropping to keep you entertained. . . . At dialogue, McAleer shines.”
-L.C. Times

“Double Endorsement had me guessing who the killer was right until the very end and was a wild ride through the land of mystery and brilliant detective work. I recommend this one for a quick read that keeps you on the edge of your seat and brings a smile to you face on more than one occasion as you turn the pages.”
-The Popper Gazette

“Double Endorsement is a punchy little romp, smart and savvy, a surprisingly brisk and literate little gem full of wit and humour. It could well be the start of a great series. I’m keeping my fingers crossed — in these days of bloated, four and five hundred page mysteries that plod on slower than the continental drift, it’s a genuine pleasure to see someone get in and get out in less than 200 pages, and still manage to tell a great story.”
-Kevin Burton Smith, Editor, Thrilling Detective

“An intricate and original private eye mystery. Andrew McAleer’s Double Endorsement grips the reader’s attention from start to finish and is one of the most humorous novels I’ve read in a long, long time. A wit and pace reminiscent of P.G. Wodehouse.”
-Robin Moore, Best-selling author of The French Connection and The Hunt for Bin Laden

“Double Endorsement is a fast-paced P.I. novel filled with snappy dialog.”
-Michael Bracken, author of All White Girls and Tequila Sunrise

“Read [Andrew McAleer’s] debut P.I. novel, Double Endorsement. . . . I certainly hope this is the start of a series.”
-James R. Winter, Futures Mystery Magazine

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